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˹ѧ Ш͹ ¹ .. 2558
 Ţ¡˹ѧ (Call Number) 4016     Ţ¹ (Accession No.) T4016/1
ͧ ҧԹ㹡ûѺ¹ͧͻǹҡ蹵ͧͻǹѺ
ͧ (ѧ) Financial Feasibility Analysis of The modifying gear from Otter Board Trawl to Tuna Purse Seine
ͼ ͹ѭ Ѫ⾸Ѳ
ʶҹ ا෾     ӹѡ ǹɰԨû ӹѡѲж·ʹ෤աû     շ 2557
ӹǹ˹ 47  
˹ѧ;  ͧ˹ѧ/ óҹء 
 Ţ¡˹ѧ (Call Number) 4017     Ţ¹ (Accession No.) T4017/1
ͧ Ѩ·ռŵͤ稢ͧɵáüçþѲҪվҹû ;ʹԤ ѧѴź
ͧ (ѧ) The Study on Factors Affecting the Success of Farmers Joining in the Fisheries Extension and Occupation Project in Panasnikom District, Chonburi Province
ͼ ѵ Ҩҭ
ʶҹ ź     ӹѡ ӹѡҹѧѴź     շ 2558
ӹǹ˹ 66  
˹ѧ;  ͧ˹ѧ/ óҹء 
 Ţ¡˹ѧ (Call Number) 4018     Ţ¹ (Accession No.) T4018/1
ͧ ҷաèҡش˹عͺ WTO
ͧ (ѧ) Analysis of Negotiation on Fisheries Subsidy under the WTO
ͼ Ѱ õ侺
ʶҹ ا෾     ӹѡ ͧҧ      շ 2556
ӹǹ˹ 107  
˹ѧ;  ͧ˹ѧ/ óҹء 
 Ţ¡˹ѧ (Call Number) 4019     Ţ¹ (Accession No.) T4019/1
ͧ þѲҡúԡк§ӢͧҧкʹѺʹع͹حҵѺͧҹԹ絢ͧ (Fisheries Single Window ; FSW)
ͧ (ѧ) The Development Service of Fisheries Single Window
ͼ ؾ ͧ
ʶҹ ا෾     ӹѡ ǹǺäѵлѨ¡üԵ ӹѡèѴôҹû      շ 2557
ӹǹ˹ 86  
˹ѧ;  ͧ˹ѧ/ óҹء 
 Ţ¡˹ѧ (Call Number) 4020     Ţ¹ (Accession No.) T4020/1
ͧ ǷҧôԹҹʹҹûҧ¡ѺҸóѰЪҸԻ»ЪҪ
ͧ (ѧ) Guidelines for Implementation of Fisheries Cooperation between Thailand and the Lao people's Democratic Republic
ͼ ѡ حա
ʶҹ ا෾     ӹѡ ͧҧ      շ 2557
ӹǹ˹ 64  
˹ѧ;  ͧ˹ѧ/ óҹء 
 Ţ¡˹ѧ (Call Number) 4021     Ţ¹ (Accession No.) T4021/1
ͧ þѲҤûЪҤɰԨ¹
ͧ (ѧ) The Development of Thai Fisheries Sector towards ASEAN Economic Community
ͼ ѡ حա Ъǹ ѹҷԵ
ʶҹ ا෾     ӹѡ ͧҧ      շ 2557
ӹǹ˹ 93  
˹ѧ;  ͧ˹ѧ/ óҹء