͡˹ѧͷŧ¹   ͹     ..      
˹ѧ Ш͹ ѹ¹ .. 2557
 Ţ¡˹ѧ (Call Number) 3591     Ţ¹ (Accession No.) T3591/1
ͧ Ѩ·դѹѺ֧㨵çþѲҪվҹûͧɵá㹨ѧѴشøҹ
ͧ (ѧ) Factors Related to Satisfaction of Farmers on the Fisheries Extension Project in Udon Thani Province
ͼ ͹ѹ ҧʧ
ʶҹ شøҹ     ӹѡ ӹѡҹѧѴشøҹ      շ 2557
ӹǹ˹ 68  
˹ѧ;  ͧ˹ѧ/ óҹء 
 Ţ¡˹ѧ (Call Number) 3950     Ţ¹ (Accession No.) T3950/1
ͧ оѹѴ
ͧ (ѧ) Breeding of Clarias teijsmanni Bleeker, 1857
ͼ 侾ó تҵ
ʶҹ ѧ     ӹѡ ٹԨоѲһӨ״ѧ ӹѡԨоѲһӨ״      շ 2557
ӹǹ˹ 31  
˹ѧ;  ͧ˹ѧ/ óҹء 
 Ţ¡˹ѧ (Call Number) 3952     Ţ¹ (Accession No.) T3952/1
ͧ ҧٵѵٵѵɰԨ
ͧ (ѧ)
ͼ ó Եž
ʶҹ ا෾     ӹѡ Ҫúǹҧ      շ 2557
ӹǹ˹ 55  
˹ѧ;  ͧ˹ѧ/ óҹء 
 Ţ¡˹ѧ (Call Number) 3953     Ţ¹ (Accession No.) T3953/1
ͧ üԵоعԸա÷Ẻ蹽
ͧ (ѧ) Production of Jellyfish Powder by Spray Drying
ͼ ԰ ǧʧ, ອó ѡ طѲ
ʶҹ ا෾     ӹѡ ͧѲصˡѵ      շ 2556
ӹǹ˹ 43  
˹ѧ;  ͧ˹ѧ/ óҹء