͡˹ѧͷŧ¹   ͹     ..      
˹ѧ Ш͹ ¹ .. 2559
 Ţ¡˹ѧ (Call Number) 4115     Ţ¹ (Accession No.) T4115/1
ͧ Դ ҳ Ť ù ͡͹ (Salmon) ҹҧҹǨѵӢͧ 2554-2557
ͧ (ѧ) Species, Volumes and values of Imported-Exported Salmon Via The Fish Inspection Office in Thailand Years 2011-2014
ͼ ѭ ѡ
ʶҹ ا෾     ӹѡ ǹǺäѵлѨ¡üԵ ͧèѴôҹû      շ 2558
ӹǹ˹ 172  
˹ѧ;  ͧ˹ѧ/ óҹء    ҹ´
 Ţ¡˹ѧ (Call Number) 4116     Ţ¹ (Accession No.) T4116/1
ͧ Դ ҳ Ťҡ͡ԹѵҧҹǨѵӨѧѴź ..2553-2557
ͧ (ѧ) Study on Species, Volumes and Values of Exported Aquatic Animal through Chonburi Province Fish Inspection Office in 2010-2014
ʶҹ ź     ӹѡ ҹǨѵӨѧѴź ǹǺäѵлѨ¡üԵ ͧèѴôҹû     շ 2558
ӹǹ˹ 118  
˹ѧ;  ͧ˹ѧ/ óҹء 
 Ţ¡˹ѧ (Call Number) 4117     Ţ¹ (Accession No.) T4117/1
ͧ § (Portunus pelagicus Linnaeus,1758) 㹺ʹԹ
ͧ (ѧ) Rearing on blue swimming crab (Portunus pelagicus Linnaeus,1758) in earthen ponds
ͼ ԭ سҪ, ȸ ǹ, þ , ԪԵ ԧ츹, ùѭ ӻ ø ԧѡ
ʶҹ ѹ     ӹѡ ٹ֡ҡþѲǤ駡ູ ѹͧҨҡҪ     շ 2558
ӹǹ˹ 23  
˹ѧ;  ͧ˹ѧ/ óҹء 
 Ţ¡˹ѧ (Call Number) 4118     Ţ¹ (Accession No.) T4118/1
ͧ þѲкͧءԹͺäͧͧкʹ ෤Ԥ÷ӫӢСá׹Ǣк͢ ó֡䫵ǹҧ
ͧ (ѧ) Development of Disaster Recovery Site for Business Continuity Information System using Replication and Fail Over A Case Study of Department of Fisheries Website
ͼ ѹ ʴ
ʶҹ ا෾     ӹѡ ٹ෤ʹС      շ 2558
ӹǹ˹ 137  
˹ѧ;  ͧ˹ѧ/ óҹء 
 Ţ¡˹ѧ (Call Number) 4119     Ţ¹ (Accession No.) T4119/1
ͧ ûǹ»ҷн觷ѹѹ
ͧ (ѧ) Indo-Pacific Mackerel Gill Net Fisheries in the Gulf of Thailand Andaman Sea
ͼ ó പح, ͹ت 觨Եʴ, ط դ, Ѫ ѹ, è , ҵ سè Դ
ʶҹ ʧ     ӹѡ ٹԨоѲһµ͹ҧ (ʧ) ʶҺѹԨоѲ෤ջ ͧԨоѲһ     շ 2558
ӹǹ˹ 46  
˹ѧ;  ͧ˹ѧ/ óҹء 
 Ţ¡˹ѧ (Call Number) 4120     Ţ¹ (Accession No.) T4120/1
ͧ §;ó
ͧ (ѧ) Tissue Culture of Aquatic Plants
ͼ ѵ ѧԺԨ, ʹ зͧ, ҧ ҫ Ҿ Թѡ
ʶҹ ا෾     ӹѡ ʶҺѹԨоѲҷѾҡûӨ״      շ 2559
ӹǹ˹ 24  
˹ѧ;  ͧ˹ѧ/ óҹء 
 Ţ¡˹ѧ (Call Number) 4121     Ţ¹ (Accession No.) T4121/1
ͧ §óӻдѺ
ͧ (ѧ) Propagation of Aquarium plants
ͼ ѵ ѧԺԨ, ʹ зͧ, ҧ ҫ Ҿ Թѡ
ʶҹ ا෾     ӹѡ ʶҺѹԨоѲҷѾҡûӨ״      շ 2559
ӹǹ˹ 15  
˹ѧ;  ͧ˹ѧ/ óҹء 
 Ţ¡˹ѧ (Call Number) 4122     Ţ¹ (Accession No.) T4122/1
ͧ سҾҹŪԷ㹡кǹüԵپë
ͧ (ѧ) Microbiological quality in pasteurized crabmeat processing
ͼ þþ óç
ʶҹ ا෾     ӹѡ ٹԨеǨͺسҾѵмԵѳѵ ɮҹ ͧǨͺسҾԹһ      շ 2558
ӹǹ˹ 23  
˹ѧ;  ͧ˹ѧ/ óҹء 
 Ţ¡˹ѧ (Call Number) 4123     Ţ¹ (Accession No.) T4123/1
ͧ ͡˹ѡѵ
ͧ (ѧ) Manual on Heavy Metal Analysis in Aquatic organism
ͼ ó ըҹ, ش ķ, ѡɳ ҧ Ǵ Ź
ʶҹ ا෾     ӹѡ ҹǨͺسҾ觻 ʶҺѹԨоѲ෤ջ ͧԨоѲһ      շ 2559
ӹǹ˹ 35  
˹ѧ;  ͧ˹ѧ/ óҹء 
 Ţ¡˹ѧ (Call Number) 4124     Ţ¹ (Accession No.) T4124/1
ͧ Ţͧѧ Buserelin Acetate ͡оѹҾǧ Tor douronensis (Valenciennes,1842)
ͧ (ѧ) Effect of Synthetic Hormone Buserelin Acetate on Breeding of Tor douronensis (Valenciennes,1842)
ͼ ɰ ԡس, ԹҾѹ áԵ
ʶҹ      ӹѡ ٹԨоѲһӨ״ ͧԨоѲһӨ״      շ 2559
ӹǹ˹ 29  
˹ѧ;  ͧ˹ѧ/ óҹء 
 Ţ¡˹ѧ (Call Number) 4125     Ţ¹ (Accession No.) T4125/1
ͧ ФͧԸաõǨ൵ҫ¤Թ ͡൵ҫ¤Թ Ф൵ҫ¤Թ㹡෤Ԥ HPLC
ͧ (ѧ) An Appropriate Analytical Condition and Validation for Tetracycline, Oxytetracycline and Chlortetracycline in Shrimp by HPLC Technique
ͼ ԭ, ѹó آ зҾ ѹͧ
ʶҹ ا෾     ӹѡ ٹԨеǨͺسҾѵмԵѳѵطҤ ͧǨͺѺͧҵðҹسҾѵмԵѳѵ      շ 2558
ӹǹ˹ 35  
˹ѧ;  ͧ˹ѧ/ óҹء 
 Ţ¡˹ѧ (Call Number) 4126     Ţ¹ (Accession No.) T4126/1
ͧ ֡ҵ鹷عмŵͺ᷹ͧŧع§ҹ㹾鹷Ѻ§ҹԧҳԪѧѴɳš
ͧ (ѧ) The Study of Costs and Returns of Tilapia Culture Investment in Suitable Commercial Area for Tilapia Culture in Phitsanulok Province
ͼ Էó
ʶҹ ɳš     ӹѡ ӹѡҹѧѴɳš     շ 2558
ӹǹ˹ 94  
˹ѧ;  ͧ˹ѧ/ óҹء 
 Ţ¡˹ѧ (Call Number) 4127     Ţ¹ (Accession No.) T4127/1
ͧ Ѩ·ռŵ͡ûԺѵԧҹͧ㹨ѧѴ§
ͧ (ѧ) Factors Affecting Performances of Fisheries Volunteers in ChiangRai Province
ͼ Ũѹ
ʶҹ §     ӹѡ ӹѡҹѧѴ§      շ 2558
ӹǹ˹ 94  
˹ѧ;  ͧ˹ѧ/ óҹء